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Wood-To-Wood Dowels

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Wood-to-wood dowels are used for making accurate, strong joints in wood and are less prone to breakage than screws or nails due to being thicker and sturdier.

These products remove the need for glue as the dowels insert into both the pieces of wood that are being joined and removes any ease of snapping apart.

Regularly used in the construction of wooden household items such as door frames, tables, chairs, cabinets and shelving units, these wood-to-wood dowels create an accurate and neat build.

They can also be used to repair stripped screw holes, be used in toy vehicles, and be hammered into treated logs to create fungus farms.

Wood-to-wood dowels are available in a range of sizes, with specials available to order.

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1″ x 8
1½” x 8
1½” x 10
2″ x 10
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