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Thread Locking and Sealing

Our thread locking and sealing service is incredibly useful in applications where continual vibration may cause a screw to loosen.Thread Locking

There’s a wide range of applications where threads are required, ranging all the way from children’s toys to major manufacturing marvels like bridges and buildings. When you think about it, they’re the same kind of thread – they both need to hold connections together, but come apart if necessary.

A huge number of threaded connections are available but the most common type is a bolt and nut, which is used on anything from automotive applications to phone masts. There’s also screws and tapped holes – where a screw is installed into a hole that has been drilled or tapped into mechanical components,

How can threads be locked or sealed?

There are a few ways of locking threads, including the use of mechanical options and adhesives. Mechanical hardware includes lock washers, which are placed under the head of a bolt or screw with the intention of preventing it from loosening. There are also nylon inserts, often used in Lock Nuts, that lock the reads in place through deforming over the mating threads, however, these are generally used in non-safety critical applications.

Adhesives are also a popular form of keeping threads locked in place, and are sometimes used in conjunction with a mechanical method.

There are thread locking adhesives, which bonds the threads in place. There are also dry patch adhesives, which are pre-applied to threads to act as somewhat of a locker and are often used to improve the logistics of loose hardware.

Thread locking and sealing all have relative costs – to find out more and to use our service, please contact us.

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