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Incoloy Screws, Fasteners and Fixings

Incoloy belongs to the same family of superalloys as Inconel, but both possess distinct fastener properties.

Incolloy Threaded Bar

 The predominant difference between the two is that Incoloy contains 50% less nickel content than Inconel, and has an iron addition in the alloy.

Incoloy has a higher ferrous content and is available in a variety of grades, all of which are resistant to corrosion.

It holds excellent resistance to seawater, brine, and high chloride environments.

Generally, it can be used in a number of applications as screws, fasteners or fixings, but further alloying with enhancing elements can see it used more heavily in places where environmental corrosion and physical deterioration like surface pitting or stress cracking are possible.

There are a number of particular grades of Incoloy – all of which we can provide:

Incoloy 800 has good strength at high temperatures and is resistant to a number of high-temperature corrosions, including oxidation, carburization and more. This alloy is used in furnace components and equipment, as well as sheathing for electrical heating elements.

Incoloy 825 is a nickel, iron and chromium alloy with added molybdenum, copper and titanium. This composition offers very good resistance to stress-corrosion cracking, pitting, and crevice corrosion. Applications include pollution control, pickling operations and handling of radioactive waste.

Incoloy 832 is cost-efficient and formulated for both industrial and domestic sheathed heater applications. It resists pitting and hot salt corrosion.

Incoloy 901 is an iron-base, nickel and chromium superalloy that combines the popular features of high strength and corrosion resistance whilst at elevated temperatures. It is used for components in aircraft and gas turbines, including compressor discs and hubs and shafts.

Incoloy Alloy A286 hosts high strength and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures, while maintaining good strength at cryogenic temperatures. It is also found within aerospace components such as jet engines, as well as industrial gas turbines.

Perhaps the most fastener-centric grade is Incoloy 925, which is a nickel, iron and chromium alloy with additions of titanium, copper, molybdenum and aluminium. It is high-strength, age-hardening and corrosion-resistant, imparting excellent resistance to stress-corrosion-cracking, oxidising and reducing environments, pitting and crevice corrosion. It is suitable for down hole and surface gas-well components, shafting products and a number of fasteners. 

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