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For over a century, plastic has been considered an affordable and durable material – forgoing the fact that the majority of plastics take a very long time to degrade. With a greater focus on reducing the amount of plastic used worldwide and concerns about climate change, there’s increasing demand for companies to be more eco-friendly in the way that they work going forward. Reducing their emissions, using more recyclable products and transporting things in a way that is more friendly to the environment is at the forefront of a number of companies that we continue to work with.

And we’re keen to help our customers to achieve their environmental goals, which is exactly the reason that
we offer environmentally friendly kitting and packaging here at Fastenright. 

Biodegradable and Recyclable Kitting and Packaging

We can provide grip seal bags that are biodegradable, which are ideal for when the contents need to be secure and contamination needs to be avoided due to their simple ridge that clicks shut and pulls open for continual use.

The biodegradable bags are an environmentally friendly alternative to the likes of write-on-panel grip seal bags and heavy-duty grip seal bags due to the fact that they degrade once their shelf life has passed.

There are also a number of alternatives which are made from more natural substances, such as eucalyptus, as well as easily compostable heat-sealed bags too.

Sustainable packaging is becoming a higher priority for consumers and businesses and when we’re shipping a purchase, we’re no different.

When sending fasteners, we ensure that all products leave our warehouse with the minimum amount of recyclable cardboard – enough to keep the purchase safe, but also little enough to ensure we’re still being eco-friendly. And anything that we get delivered to ourselves? We recycle it, allowing us to use the cardboard again.

Make the Difference with Environmentally Friendly Kitting and Packaging

If you make an enquiry with ourselves, you can rest assured that your fasteners will be delivered in sustainable cardboard packaging.

As well as this, if you require sealing bags – we can provide a range of environmentally friendly types!


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