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Security Fasteners are our bread and butter, and with so many different fasteners available on the market, it’s understandable that an end user may get confused due to the number of different applications and security levels available for purchase.

These fasteners have some major differences from product to product, and this can be the head, the level of security or the type of tool required to tighten or loosen the fastener. Some security fasteners are more secure than others. As an example, the ‘normal’ level of security – which is subsequently the lowest – is considered so because the bits required to remove the fastener is relatively easy to find in common hardware shops. The low-level security options offer protection from opportunistic tampering, theft and vandalism, but the risk of obtaining a driver toolset for these fasteners is relatively high.

There is also a high-security option, where the removal tools exist but the distribution of said tools is controlled to ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands. The additional protections come via the recess and the efforts made by suppliers and distributors that provide them. There are even situations in which you may need to register your details when buying these fasteners.

The maximum security fasteners will generally require cutting or drilling out for removal, as there will be no tools available. These are generally known as one-way security screws, but there are other similar options that have a custom, unique recess in which an exclusive tool will be required for the fastener.

Why use a Security Fastener?

From a safety perspective, it’s vital that the right security fastener is selected to ensure that your application does not fall foul to the likes of theft or vandalism and that the general public does not find themselves exposed to safety hazards due to this.

They can help deter the likes of vandalism and theft, which has a number of positives attributed to it. By deterring theft and vandalism, the public find themselves protected from personal injury and harm as removed or damaged fasteners can create safety hazards.

As well as this, it keeps the surrounding environment and community safe and functional by preventing initial damage that often encourages further vandalism, decay and anti-social behaviour. By stopping the initial vandalism, you’re attempting to prevent further issues in the future.

This also helps to reduce costs for businesses or local councils, as the damage from vandalism and theft is expensive to repair. Having the right security fasteners can reduce or even nullify the costs here.

Where would I find a Security Fastener?

There’s a number of applications in which you may find a security fastener and a number of reasons why the fastener would be used within the said application.

You may find a type of security fastener within fencing, in a self-tapping form. These fasteners can aid in the creation of a true security fence as they can be used to securely fix brackets, or provide a permanent fixing on both sides of a fence.

In communal areas, you’ll find security fasteners too. Children’s playgrounds, as well as street furniture such as benches, all host security fixings to deter vandalism and increase the lifespan of the product. This is also incredibly cost-effective, as less money is spent on repairs. The safety risk for the general public is also diminished with the use of these fasteners. In a number of areas, the fasteners are considered necessary to comply with local regulations.

Security fasteners with an external drive recess are often used within prisons, as this drive makes it harder for inmates to tamper with or remove them. They’re often used on items that could often be damaged, such as desks, beds and chairs, as well as doors, kick plates and more.

Fastenright is the Place to be for Security Fasteners

We have been a leading supplier of security bolts, screws and fasteners since we were founded in 1983 – and we regularly supply security fasteners and tamper-proof fixings to manufacturers, installers and the trade throughout the United Kingdom and Worldwide.

With our products in use across a range of industries including military, automotive and hospitals, we’re happy to take any calls regarding security fasteners. Our range of products includes both bolts and nuts, with both reusable and permanent options. We can also provide the tools to fasten the aforementioned.

As well as our already extensive range, including a mass of different sizes, we can provide non-standard lengths, diameters, different threads and products that are made to the user’s specifications all in a relatively short lead time.

We can supply a wide range of security fasteners including:

  • Tricone® Security Bolts, our very own high-security bolt with a patented drive design.
  • 2 Hole Pig Nose Security Fasteners
  • 4 Hole Security Fasteners
  • 5 Lobe Pin TX Screws
  • Clutch 1 Way Security Screws
  • Kinmar Security Fasteners
  • NoGo Security Enclosures
  • Oval Pan Head Security Screws
  • Pin Hex Security Fasteners
  • Pin Torx – 6 Lobe Pin TX Security Fasteners
  • Plastic Security
  • Security Armour Rings
  • Sentinel Security Screws
  • Shear Snap Off Fasteners
  • Solar Panel
  • System Zero Security Screws
  • Tri-Head Security Bolts
  • Ultra Drive Security Screws
  • Wave Security Bolts and Nuts
Contact us for more on Security Fasteners from a Leading Supplier

If you require more information regarding security fasteners or would like to place an order or make an enquiry, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Please note that we do not supply to the general public, and do not have a trade counter.


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