Tricone® Security Bolts

Tricone® security bolts are Fastenright’s own high security bolt, designed for applications of high value or high risk of tampering.

Perfect for use when only the highest security fastener will suffice, the Tricone® features a patented drive design. A dedicated locking and unlocking tool is required to fix and remove the bolt, this is uniquely coded and registered against each customer for full traceability to ensure the integrity of the drive is not compromised. For this reason, Tricone® bolts and tools are only available from Fastenright and are only supplied to end users; resale is prohibited.

The patented drive features three equally spaced holes, with a cone projection protruding from each. The head is domed and polished to both resist removal and offer a shiny, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

M6, M8 and M10 are available from stock up to 100mm long, with all other sizes available to order.

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