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Security is an issue for a wide range of businesses, particularly those where goods or data are stored, e.g. construction sites, storage yards and even schools and colleges.

There are various measures that can be taken to ensure that a site is protected, including security lighting and CCTV, which should themselves be secured with tamper resistant screws. The best approach however, is to stop thieves from entering the site in the first place, by having a secure perimeter fence. That’s why security fence bolts and fixings are becoming more and more popular within the construction industry.

Security Fence Bolts and Fixings

Security fixings for fences

To act as an effective deterrent, perimeter fences should be of good quality and high enough (about 2.4 metres) to discourage intruders.

Any fixings used in the construction of fence panels, or to attach panels to each other or to buildings and other structures, need to be tamper-proof, and this is where Fastenright can help. We’ve supplied a range of solutions for security fencing, including shear snap off fasteners and specialist security nuts, like Kinmar permanent security nuts, and NoGo security fixings.

Construction site security fencing

Construction sites have their particular concerns as they are likely to be unoccupied for prolonged periods of time and may contain valuable plant and equipment, materials and other assets, including fuel within machines – all of which may encourage opportunistic thieves and could be expensive and disruptive for the business.

According to a 2020 article in PBCtoday, theft from construction sites costs the industry around £800m per year, with some sites reporting regular break-ins. New housing developments are particularly at risk, with an increase in burglaries in 2020. This article in York Press commented:
“Between March and November 2020, a number of new housing developments were burgled, with thieves stealing newly-installed boilers as well as machinery and tools.
In North Yorkshire alone, about 40 such developments have been targeted in this way, often when they were almost complete and ready for homeowners to move into their new homes.”

There is a wide range of secure bolts and fasteners available for fencing, so to find out what might be most suitable for your needs, please give us a call.


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