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Shear Snap Off Fasteners

Shear Snap Off Fasteners

Shear Nuts / Shear Bolts

Shear bolts / nuts or snap off screws are amongst the highest security permanent fasteners available on the market. They are fastened using a standard spanner or socket. On tightening, the hexagon portion snaps off leaving a plain head that cannot be removed. Shear screws and socket shear bolts work in a similar fashion but are fastened using their respective cross recess and Allen key drivers.

Shear nuts tend to be of the same, domed design whereas shear bolts are available as dome, countersunk, and cap heads with anchors also available.

Shear snap off fixings are suitable for environments where maintenance is not required and high security is essential, such as in vehicles, prisons and security fencing.

Standard sizes available from stock. Custom sizes to order and we also manufacture special products to customer drawings.

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Choosing Shear Nuts, Shear Bolts and Snap-off Screws.

Selecting the appropriate shear nuts, bolts and snap-off screws involves considering both the functional requirements and the specific characteristics of the application. These versatile fasteners are designed for a variety of uses, ranging from industrial applications to high security projects.

First, determine the purpose of the snap-off fasteners. Are they needed for security, where tamper resistance is crucial, or for assembly, where quick and efficient installation matters most? This will help you choose the right type and strength of snap-off fasteners.

Next, assess the material of the fasteners. Most of our snap-off components are available in stainless steel as standard. Other materials are also available, and specials can be made to order. The material choice should align with the environment and application they will be used in, considering factors like corrosion resistance and load-bearing capabilities.

Consider the installation process. If efficient, hassle-free installation is required, opt for a fastener which is easy to install. Shear fasteners are ideal as they do not require specialised tools. They are usually fastened with a wrench, hex key or Phillips drive bit.

Additionally, think about aesthetics. Snap-off fixings are leave a plain head with no drive after installation. This is particularly important in applications where appearance matters, such as in architecture or interior design.

Lastly, ensure you are sourcing snap-off fixings from a reputable supplier. Quality matters to ensure the fixings perform as intended and provide the desired level of security or structural support. Here at Fastenright we are proud of our outstanding reputation for both quality and value.

By carefully evaluating the purpose, material, installation process, aesthetics, and supplier reliability, you can choose the right snap-off fixings that meet the needs of your project or application.

Don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Fastenright for help, advice and a competitive price on the ideal locking nut, whatever your application.

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