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There are a number of potential reasons as to why an application would require aesthetically pleasing fasteners, and there are a number of factors in what exactly makes a fastener “look good”.

These can include the finish, the drive, whether it fits seemingly into and compliments the surroundings and the base material of the fastener.

Materials can range from brass to zirconium and across a range of different colours and styles depending on the material in question, but two of the most visually pleasing fastener materials are considered to be Titanium and Aluminium.

Why is Titanium considered for visually pleasing fasteners?

Titanium is a highly favoured material for a number of reasons, such as its low-density properties, high-temperature resistance and excellent corrosion resistance.Titanium Slot Cheese Pan Head Screw

Available across a range of grades, Titanium is a shiny silver metal that is guaranteed to stand out from a distance and provide a quality aesthetic appearance for longer.

With high melting points and a low density, the fasteners can be used for your commercial or industrial applications without fear of compromise within the aesthetics.

With titanium fasteners able to withstand higher heats, and not be affected by corrosive elements, the user can be sure that they can rely on the outstanding characteristics of titanium in their visually pleasing fasteners.

Titanium fasteners can include washers, nuts, bolts, screws (pictured), threaded bar and more.

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Visually pleasing fasteners in Aluminium

In fasteners, Aluminium boasts some of the most stunning aesthetical appearance qualities and is available to be used across a wide range of fixings.

With a variety of finishes and colourings available – such as anodising or coating – this ensures that aesthetic demands are met whilst the actual applications needs are met too.

Aluminium Slotted Grub ScrewThe lightweight nature of Aluminium means that it is often used in applications requiring weight-reduction – such as the automotive industry – and is easy to handle without large lifting equipment. Incredibly, Aluminium fasteners are, despite their lightweight nature, incredibly robust and they can be housed in exceptionally stable structures.

Much like their Titanium counterparts, they also provide outstanding corrosion resistance meaning that issues are less likely to arise in corrosive environments, but that the visual quality of these fasteners will not be affected also.

Aluminium fasteners can include washers (pictured), nuts, bolts, screws, threaded bar and more.

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All fasteners are made to their necessary DIN standard unless requested otherwise.

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