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If you’re using thermoplastics or thermoset plastics, or even soft woods such as plywood and chipboard – you generally need inserts designed for use with these specific materials. We are able to provide various types of insert for plastic with helical and opposed knurls, inserts that are self-tapping and more. Those with knurl cuts are able to cut into the materials easier, reducing radical stress and allowing for thinner walls to be used.

Insert for Plastic for use in Common Thermoplastics and Thermoset Plastics

Our range of inserts for plastic can be used in either common thermoplastics or common thermoset plastics. Thermoplastics generally do not undergo a chemical change when moulded and can be moulded and remoulded repeatedly.  Thermoset plastics undergo an irreversible chemical change during the moulding process however, meaning they can be shaped only once.

Common thermoplastics include the likes of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), nylon, polypropylene and polyethylene, whilst common thermoset plastics include fiberglass, polyurethane, polyester, melamine and urea.

There are key strength factors involving the insert for plastic products that we offer, such as the resistance to the insert pulling out of the part – which is often referred to as pullout force – as well as the resistance to the insert twisting in the part when the fastener is torqued – which is better known as torque-out force or resistance.

The longer the insert is, the greater pull-out resistance there is, and the greater the diameter is, the more torque capacity it holds.

What is knurling on an Insert for Plastic?

Knurling is a process within metalworking when a pattern has been cut or rolled onto the outside of the product. For threaded inserts, the knurling pattern is critical in regards to the pull-out and torque resistance.

We can offer a number of unique inserts with differing knurls, such as opposed knurls, rounded knurls, herringbone knurls and helical knurls. Helical knurls are probably the most common, due to the resistance offering in all directions.

We generally stock brass and steel options, with the differing materials often used to be inserted in different substances.

A Number of Insert for Plastic Options From Stock at Fastenright

At Fastenright, we have a number of inserts for plastic available from stock in a range of sizes, and can provide specials to order.

If you require more information about our insert for plastic range and how they could benefit your application, please contact us to take your enquiry further. Minimum order quantities may apply.

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