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To provide context, every screw size is described by using two numbers – an ‘M number’ – which is for metric screws and indicates the screws nominal outer diameter, and a number indicating the length of the shank. So in the above instance, an M2 Screw is measured under the screw head at 2mm.

Generally, M2 screws are used within the manufacture of small items within electrical equipment, laptops, cameras and mobile phones.

For many users of the above products, screws can loosen over time and with prolonged use may need to be replaced by the manufacturer so that the customer does not void their warranty.

The standard pitch or the distance between the threads on an M2 screw is 0.4mm, but non-standard pitches are available to order.

We are able to provide a wide range of styles of M2 screws, including Pozi Countersunk and Thread Forming, Six Lobe Torx, Cheese Screws, Socket Sets and more.

Why and When Would I Use an M2 Screw?

If you’re a company that specialises in refurbishing electronics, or you build computers or laptops, or you’re even a hobbyist* – an M2 screw might find itself inside a component that you’re replacing, or upgrading.

If you want to add a solid-state drive to a laptop that may not have one, you’ll be removing and replacing these screws with a magnetic screwdriver when mounting the drive in its required slot which sits next to a laptop’s Random Access Memory.

In some cases, the laptops may be missing an M2 screw and mount – so if you are a company that refurbishes or repairs laptops, or you’re building the laptop in general – we can provide these components for you.

M2 Screws Available from Fastenright

If you require M2 screws, we are able to provide them.

If you require more information or would like to order a threaded rod, please contact an experienced member of our sales team by phone call or our enquiry form.

*We only supply in bulk and have a minimum order amount of £100.

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