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Flange Head Sealing Fasteners

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Flange Head Sealing Fasteners are available in a wide variety of types including flange bolts, socket button screws and flange nuts, with the flange on each fastener available serrated or unserrated.

Hex Flange Seal Bolts are all supplied complete with an “O” ring rubber washer that sits just below the flange of the bolt. This offers a perfect tight fit, neatly fitting into the groove under the flange head. Importantly, metal on metal contact is preserved whilst the ring creates an extra tight seal which sets this product apart from standard flange bolts.

The “O” ring seal fastens the part safely and securely in place without the need for significant pressure to be applied. They are easy to install, operating just like more conventional flanged fasteners. The seal ensures that there is all round protection against contaminants, preventing any dirt or other particles from getting in. They also keep out air and water, so there is no chance of corrosion or leakage which could cause damage to the product.

As well as our Hex Flange Seal Bolts, there are also Hex Flange Seal Nuts (available with serrated and non serrated flange). These have an integrated rubber sealing element to provide a secure, contamination free seal.

When the nuts are torqued, the power of the unique sealing technology comes into place, creating a vacuum tight seal which ensures that nothing can get in or out. They can also be put under pressure and face high levels of vibration but will maintain their perfect seal. They are really easy to use and don’t need any special tools or the use of messy chemicals either.

Also available are Socket Button Flange Seal Screws which come with all of the advantages of the hex flange seal bolts and nuts. They can be used in almost any type of environment but are most suitable for use in high pressure conditions or where extreme cleanliness and contamination free materials are required, whether this is for the food industry, medical products or other products that require contaminant free conditions.

Flange Sealing Fasteners are made to order only in a range of sizes and materials, with other types also available on request. Please call or use the online enquiry form to request a quotation.

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