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Galvanised Eyebolts

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Eyebolts are bolts with a loop at one end that are used to attach a securing eye to a structure.

Galvanised eyebolts are extremely durable and resistant to corrosion, as galvanised steel is a great way to avoid parts rusting in outdoor or maritime applications.

Often installed within masonry, and can sometimes be screwed into a shield anchor or something similar.

Fully threaded, these eye bolts should not be used for angular loads.

Available in threads M6 to M36 as standard from Fastenright.

Non-standard sizes and materials are available to order as specials, including custom parts made to drawings.

Imperial Technical Information
M6 36 20 13
M8 36 20 13
M10 45 25 17
M12 54 30 20.5
M14 63 35 27
M16 63 35 27
M18 72 40 30
M20 72 40 30
M22 81 45 35
M24 90 50 36
M30 108 60 45
M36 126 70 54