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Imperial Threaded Rods

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Imperial threaded rods are the most economical and common form of threaded rod, and are used typically within the plumbing and contracting trades, as well as maintenance in a number of different applications.

The use of low carbon steel in the self-colour option ensures a stable constant quality of the threaded bar.

Available in self-colour, zinc-plated or as a duplex alloy – we can provide lengths ranging from 3 to 10 ft alongside widths ranging from ¼ of an inch to one inch. For the duplex threaded rods, we generally do not stock anything larger than 6ft.

Non-listed sizes and specials are available to order.

For more information regarding our allthread options, please contact a member of our experienced sales team.

Imperial Threaded Rod
Imperial Threaded Rod Length Self-Colour Zinc-plated Duplex*
1/4-20 x 3ft
1/4-20 x 6ft
1/4-20 x 10ft
5/19-18 x 3ft
5/19-18 x 6ft
5/19-18 x 10ft
3/8-16 x 3ft
3/8-16 x 6ft
3/8-16 x 10ft
1/2-13 x 3ft
1/2-13 x 6ft
1/2-13 x 10ft
5/8-11 x 3ft
5/8-11 x 6ft
5/8-11 x 10ft
3/4-10 x 3ft
3/4-10 x 6ft
3/4-10 x 10ft
7/8-9 x 3ft
7/8-9 x 6ft
7/8-9 x 10ft
1-8 x 3ft
1-8 x 6ft
1-8 x 10ft
– Available
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