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3-Hole Knock-In Insert Nut (IN18)

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3-hole knock-in insert nuts (IN18) provide the additional confidence offered by a wide collar with three 0.3mm holes. Small nails or screws can be utilised to attach the insert to the wood providing greater security.

There are two lengths available: one measures 10mm in length, has a 25mm collar and an internal blind hole with a standardised thread size of M8. The larger version has an internal thread size of M10, is 12mm in length and has a collar with a diameter of 29mm. Both of these steel inserts are treated with a zinc plating process which protects them from deterioration due to corrosion.

Available in a range of sizes – see stock chart below for full specifications. Non standard sizes available to order.

IN18 3-hole knock in insert nut technical drawing

IN18 3-Hole Knock-In Insert Nut
D1 L d b Steel zinc plated
25 10 M 8 3 Available
29 12 M 10 3 Available
Available = AVAILABLE