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Micro Crinkle Washer BS 4463

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Micro Diameter Crinkle Washers, also referred to as wavy washers – are an anti-vibration locking washer, ideally used in applications where only light pressure is required. This washer has no serrations and therefore does not leave damage or markings in the application.

They are stocked in stainless steel and host excellent corrosion resistance, providing protection from the elements across a range of applications. They are also available in beryllium copper.

Micro diameter crinkle washers are made to the standard of BS 4463 and are available from stock in sizes from M1.6 to M3.

Larger sizes and other materials are available to order as specials.

Please contact us with your requirements to further your enquiry.

Micro crinkle washer BS 4463

Micro Crinkle Washer BS 4463 Technical Information (mm)
D1 T H D2
M1.6 Crinkle Washer BS 4463 0.16 0.51 3.7
M2 Crinkle Washer BS 4463 0.16 0.53 4.6
M2.5 Crinkle Washer BS 4463 0.16 0.53 5.8
M3 Crinkle Washer BS 4463 0.16 0.61 6.4