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Pan Head Seal Screws

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Pan Head Seal Screws have been developed to prevent contamination, such as air, water and dirt, from entering the applicaton over time through the use of innovative “O” Ring technology that will work in almost any environment and will stand up to heavy use and really tough conditions.

The rubber “O” Ring on these highly calibrated, precision engineered Pan Head Seal Screws sits just below the screw head fitting perfectly into the groove to give all round, 360 degree total sealing performance whilst also maintaining metal on metal contact, which is essential for a strong fix. The extra protection of the sealing ring offers an additional element that is helpful in protecting against vibration and pressure.

Easy to use, seal screws work in the same way as more conventional screws whilst offering much higher performance and protection against contamination. They are long lasting and reusable (within limits), making them a cost effective product.

They meet military requirements and are used in various military applications. They are also used in a wide variety of other industries including food processing, electronic devices and for building medical equipment.

Pan Head Seal Screws are available from Fastenright in a slotted or Phillips drive from M3 to M6, with lengths from 4mm to 20mm.

A variety of other types are available to order including Torx (TX) Pan Seal Screws and Combi Pan Seal Screws.

Non-standard sizes and materials are available to order as specials, including custom parts made to drawings.


Metric Available Sizes
Available Sizes M3 M4 M5 M6
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