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TV ‘V’ and ‘J’ Bolts

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TV ‘V’ and ‘J’ Bolts

Used to attached TV aerials.
J bolt technical image
V bolt technical image
TV ‘V’ and ‘J’ bolts

Description Size
M6 U.Bolts and nuts 2.1/4″leg, 1. ‘1l4 centre to centre 2 nuts
M6 V. Bolts and nuts 4″ overall x 2.1/2″ centres 2 nuts
M8V Bolts and nuts 2.l/2″ overall x 1.3/4″ centres, 2 nuts
M8 V. Bolts and nuts 4″ overall x 2.1/2″ centres, 2.1/2″overal lx 1-3l/”centres,2 nuts
3/8″ whit. V. Bolts 4″ overall 2.1/2″centres, 2.l/2″ overall 1.3/4″ centres 2, nuts
4″ x 3″ x M8 V Bolts and nuts 2.1/2″ centres x 3/8″, whit. 2 nuts
4″ x 3/8″ V. Bolts and nuts 3″ centres x 3/8″, 4″ overaIl 2 nuts.
3/8″ J. Bolts and nuts Overall length 4.3/4″, and nut x 3/8″
Corner Plates Available
Lashing Wire (17ft. Lengths.)  Available