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V Bolts / TV Aerial Bolts

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V Bolts or TV Aerial Bolts

V Bolts, or TV Aerial Bolts, are as their moniker suggests, used to attach TV aerials.

They’re designed for a multitude of uses however and can be found around households, commercial building projects, industrial building applications and towers.

They are generally made from plain steel, galvanised steel or stainless steel, however we can provide other materials or finishes if your application requires it.

Available to order from Fastenright in a range of sizes, with specials made to order.

V bolt technical image

Description Size
M6 U.Bolts and nuts 2.1/4″leg, 1. ‘1l4 centre to centre 2 nuts
M6 V. Bolts and nuts 4″ overall x 2.1/2″ centres 2 nuts
M8V Bolts and nuts 2.l/2″ overall x 1.3/4″ centres, 2 nuts
M8 V. Bolts and nuts 4″ overall x 2.1/2″ centres, 2.1/2″overal lx 1-3l/”centres,2 nuts
3/8″ whit. V. Bolts 4″ overall 2.1/2″centres, 2.l/2″ overall 1.3/4″ centres 2, nuts
4″ x 3″ x M8 V Bolts and nuts 2.1/2″ centres x 3/8″, whit. 2 nuts
4″ x 3/8″ V. Bolts and nuts 3″ centres x 3/8″, 4″ overaIl 2 nuts.
3/8″ J. Bolts and nuts Overall length 4.3/4″, and nut x 3/8″
Corner Plates Available
Lashing Wire (17ft. Lengths.)  Available
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