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Vented Washers

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A2 stainless steel Vented Washers, otherwise known as Vacuum Washers, created to DIN 125A with vent, to aid in the removal of virtual leaks.

Virtual leaks are created when a fastener is threaded into a hole and leaves air space that cannot be fully evacuated, as well as the screw itself containing voids of trapped air due to its large surface area. They are a key part of the elimination of virtual leeks in high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum systems, as when a vented washer is used alongside a vented screw, this allows any residual gas trapped in the hole or created by the fastening of the screw to evacuate.

Vented washers available from stock in A2 stainless steel in M2 to M12, with specials available to order.

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Vented Washer Technical Drawing


Vented Washers
Size d1 d2 w
M2 2,2 5 0,3
M2,5 2,7 6 0,5
M3 3,2 7 0,5
M4 4,3 9 0,8
M5 5,3 10 1,0
M6 6,4 12 1,6
M8 8,4 16 1,6
M10 10,5 20 2,0
M12 13,0 24 2,5
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