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Stainless Steel Hex BoltA2 & A4 Stainless Steel Screws, Fasteners and Fixings 

Stainless steel, like many other steels, are available in a number of differing grades that can be used within screws, nuts, bolts and fasteners.

A2 Stainless Steel

A2 stainless steel differs from its counterparts like standard carbon steel, due to the fact that it is an alloy, a mixture of two or more metals.

The steel must contain at least 10.5% chromium to be considered or called stainless, and this chromium makes the metal more corrosion resistant, and less likely to stain than other steels. The corrosion resistance is created by the steel forming a layer of chromium oxide.

Stainless steel can be paired with molybdenum, titanium, nickel and copper for enhanced or increased properties in areas such as strength, corrosion resistance and formability.

With fasteners often found in a number of industries, including hospitality, stainless steel is also popular for fasteners due to the low levels of distortion it provides.

A2 stainless steel is made of 18% chromium and 8% nickel and sometimes referred to as type 304.

A4 Stainless Steel

Visually, there is no discernable difference between A2 and A4 stainless steel as they are polished using the exact same process – but there are characteristics that provide a difference between the two steels.

A4 stainless steel is made of 16% chromium, 10% nickel and 2% molybdenum.

These screws and fixings are often used outdoors, due to the superior corrosion resistance it holds compared to A2, as well as being far more durable. 

It is typically known as marine grade stainless steel due to its resistance to salt water corrosion, and can be found in a number of constructions in contact with water.

It also makes the fasteners easier to fabricate, clean, finish and weld.

Whilst A4 is more expensive than A2, it can be more cost-effective over a longer period of time – especially when being used outside.

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