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There’s a reason that A4 stainless steel is often referred to as ‘marine grade’ steel; the fact that it offers the highest level of corrosion resistance in standard materials. Whilst it can be found in a range of products such as surgical implants, it finds most of its use via maritime and underwater applications.

A range of A4 stainless steel fasteners are available, including nuts, screws and bolts.


These can include items such as the Security Wave Bolt (pictured), a range of 6-Lobe screws, captive screws and sex bolts.

They can often be found across a range of areas, including on oil rigs to stop those on board from tampering with or causing damage to equipment, as well as more public areas near the seaside. They may be placed in public toilets, changing huts and more near the beach to stop the corrosive elements of the beach and sea and to ensure the safety of both the general public and the area in question.

The security nature of these fasteners can help to deter theft, vandalism, break-ins and more – preventing costly damage and the chance of the opportunist thief looking for easy pickings.

Visibly, the A4 stainless fasteners look the same as their A2 counterparts. They are both polished using the same process but a number of characteristics provide the difference between the two. A4 fasteners are easier to clean, finish, fabricate and weld and can be more cost-effective over longer periods of time.

Featuring 18% chromium and 8% zinc, as well as a small addition – under 5% – of molybdenum which provides extra resistance, A4 stainless requires less maintenance or required replacement when it has been used outdoors.

Please contact us if you require security fasteners in A4 stainless steel, sending us your requirements.


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