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Whilst we are a major distributor of fasteners and fixings across the United Kingdom and the world, offering expansive ranges of standard and security fasteners, from micro to large diameters and with various types of head, drive or thread, we have a wide range of other services that we can offer alongside our exporting services.

Exports are dealt with individually by staff – providing customers with expert advice, guidance and technical knowledge whenever it is required. All of our exports are fully traceable from manufacture to delivery, through our fully integrated sales order and stock control system and our ISO quality standard.

Our Fastener Services are Available for Customers Across the World

We have a range of services that we are able to provide for customers around the world, and are able to aid in things ranging from aesthetic requirements all the way to holding your stock. You can read about some of our services below:


Due to our location within the West Midlands, we’re perfectly located near a number of major plating organisations.

This means we can offer almost any specification that is required or requested by customers – all in relatively short lead times – in fact, in the vast majority of cases, we can get jobs into the platers on the same day that you contact us.

There are a number of benefits of electro-plating your fasteners, including the reduction of friction, improved resistance to heat, aesthetical improvement, and better prevention of tarnishing.

Thread Locking and Sealing

We are able to provide thread locking services, including mechanical hardware that includes lock washers, which are placed under the head of a bolt or screw and nylon inserts that are often used in lock nuts. These are usually used in applications that are not safety critical.

There are also adhesives that are popular in keeping threads locked in place, and dry patch adhesives which are pre-applied.

Sometimes the mechanical hardware and adhesives are used in conjunction to create a stronger thread locking and sealing.

Screw Cutting

We are able to stock a wide range of fasteners, including non-standard lengths. In the event that we are unable to provide a timely solution to your requirement, we can offer an economic solution of cutting down from longer lengths to your desired length.

This is done using a screw-cutting lathe, which is a machine capable of cutting very accurate screw threads. Other methods include thread milling, which cuts along a helical tool path.

There is also thread grinding, a machine that uses a specially dressed grinding wheel that matches the shape of the thread in question – which is usually used to ensure created threads are accurate in hard materials.

Other methods include electric crimping, hacksawing and thread forming or rolling.

With a wide range of methods, we can ensure your screw cutting needs are met.

Stock Holding and Call-Off

We try to assist our customers in regards to the storage of stock over a twelve month period, which the customer is able to call-off at any point – offering a number of benefits for the customer – as they get a lower price for a larger order, but can call it off in small batches which keeps monthly costs low.

Our warehouse space has recently been upgraded, meaning that the scale of our stock holding has increased tenfold. We can keep your stock safe, clean and available for immediate call off.

There are a number of advantages to stock holding, including that customers can order in bulk and save on cost – whilst keeping space available at your own premises whilst retaining easy access to the stock.

The stock holding is for the customer that requires it only – the stock will not be used to fill another order.

Specials and Made to Drawing Fasteners

We can supply custom, made to drawing fasteners, as well as a number of non-standard, special fasteners that may have a non-standard head diameter, thread length or pitch, amongst other modifications.

Our vasts stocks do include non-standard fasteners so it may be surprising to find that a part that you are having trouble sourcing could be available from us on a next day service.

General fixings and security fasteners can be modified to your requirements, as mentioned previously within this blog.

We can also provide a call-off service for non-standard fasteners too, allowing us to manufacture custom fasteners to a yearly requirement, allowing your stock to be available off the shelf whenever you need it.

At Fastenright, we specialise in special fasteners.

Screw Machining

Used across a number of industries, machined screws are often found in aerospace, defence, automotive and electronics applications.

Machining a screw can provide unrivalled accuracy, as they are created to meet the uncompromising tolerances and demands of whichever industry they are required in.

It’s cheaper to produce these screws in larger quantities – but since technological advances have improved, lower volume jobs are now more economical.

A wide range of materials can be changed via screw machining.

Contact us for more information on our Fastener Services

Our wide range of fastener services are available across the United Kingdom and worldwide, and we are happy to provide you with whichever of the above services you require.

Please contact our expert team for more information, and we will be happy to assist you further.



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