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Security fasteners offer peace of mind that you just can’t get from a standard fitting. The range available is easily as vast as the applications on which they can be applied. The different types of options include varying materials, sizes and types, so trying to find the right one for your installation can be a bit overwhelming. One of the factors you need to consider is whether you are looking for permanent or reusable security screws. The answer will depend on the type of application that the security fastener will be used on.

What is the difference between permanent and reusable security screws?

As its title suggests, permanent fasteners provide a (more or less) immovable solution. Once they are in place, they cannot be removed, even by the person who initially installed them.

Removable fasteners can be removed and reused. It may sound contradictory to have a removable security fitting, but there is a fail-safe that means they can only be taken out by those who are authorised to do so. Reusable security screws need a specific tool to install and remove them, and some specialist screws have unique tools which are only supplied to the purchasers of the screws they are designed to remove.

Each option provides their own benefits, so to decide which one is best for your application, you will need to think about your needs and how you will be using the equipment in the future.

Reusable security screws enable maintenance to be carried out

One of the key factors that you need to consider when choosing a security fastener is whether or not the application will require maintenance, which might require for example access to a secured control panel. If maintenance is required, then a permanent security fastener will not be suitable.

Reusable security screws, on the other hand, allow you to provide essential maintenance for your application, while still preserving the vital security element needed when the installation is in use.

Permanent security screws cannot be removed

Some applications are designed to stay in the exact position they are installed for the enjoyment of everyone, such as park statues or benches. Others, like external security cameras, remain the property of the owner throughout their lifespan, and so will need to move if the owner requires them on alternative premises.

Using permanent security fasteners means that you won’t be able to take the installation with you if you move. This is obviously not ideal if it is something that is privately owned and especially if it is of high value. Reusable options, on the other hand, mean that if a move is forthcoming, you will be able to take your application with you and won’t have to spend more money on valuable equipment.

Premium security fasteners for added protection

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Any security fastener is designed to give users peace of mind that their application will be protected against tampering. However, if your application is particularly valuable, you need to consider how likely it is to be targeted by potential thieves.


Permanent solutions give an added level of security in that if you can’t remove them, neither can vandals or thieves. Reusable options do provide security, but some of the tools that are used to remove them are easier to obtain than others.  If your equipment is particularly high value, thieves may be tempted to go out of their way to find the tool for themselves, posing a risk to your valuable application. That’s when premium security fasteners such as Fastenright’s own Tricone® Security Bolts, which have uniquely coded and traceable driver tools can be used for a higher level of security.

All of the products in our security fasteners catalogue are labelled to indicate whether they are permanent or reusable.

For advice about choosing the best security screws for your application, contact our team who will be happy to help.