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No-Go Security Enclosures

Tamper Resistant Security NoGo Enclosures

Security No-go enclosures are a premium high security fixing designed to house a standard nut or hex bolt. The No-go enclosure is a 1 way permanent fixing and is home office approved.


High Security NoGo Enclosures are a unique, patented range of security fixings.  The NoGo security enclosures designed and perfected after years of extensive research and development.

The Nogo security enclosure is categorised by two types: Type 1 is a completely enclosed unit that is designed to house a standard hexagon full nut.  Whereas Type 2 is designed to house bolts and screws and has a hole drilled in the top that enable the screw or bolt thread to protrude.

Both type of NoGo security enclosures work in the same manner the case (bottom) section sits flush to the application and houses the nut or protruding stud with the cap (top) then placed over the top into position and ‘hammered in’ using a standard hammer.  Both section (case and cap) are designed to very precise tolerances to ensure pullout or fallout does not occur, the cap section also has a knurled section that prevents it from turning once hammered into position, completely encasing bolt heads, nuts, bolt threads and bulkhead fasteners.

The Nogo security enclosure is plated zinc plate (CR3) and is manufactured from case hardened steel which effectively resists unauthorised removal of the fixings or attack by Sledgehammer/ Wrecking Bars, Grinders and has virtually unlimited potential as a security device. The effectiveness of the NoGo security enclosure has earned the highest recognition achieving the ‘SOLD Secure Silver Award’.  The NoGo security enclosures are also Home Office Approved for use in prisons and police services.

The NoGo security enclosure is a 1 way permanent security fixing and is to only be used where maintenance is not required. This is the ideal fixing for high security applications where premium security is essential, such uses include window grilles and shutters, gates and barriers, parking meters, heavy duty applications and any other high security applications.

How Do NoGo Fixings Work?

They’re as simple as A B C!!!

A. Just put the fixing through the NoGo base and into the item to be fixed.
B. Tighten, then push the NoGo Insert into the base.
C. Tap the insert home to form a neat IMPENETRABLE cover.

No-Go Security No-Go Security No-Go Security

Where Can NoGo Fixings Be Used ?

In any security situation to prevent equipment theft and unauthorised exit or entry, e.g. door & window frames, grilles, gates, gaming machines, food/drink/cigarette dispensers, car parks, parking meters, signs, hoardings, office & factory equipment, CCTV cameras, lighting, alarms, satellite dishes, playground & garden furniture, safes and cash machines, security fencing and much much more……

No-go technical data

Nogo Type 1 Cap

Nogo Type 1 Base

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