Pin Torx – 6 Lobe Pin Tx Security

Pin Torx® or 6-Lobe Pin TX bolts, are designed with grooves in a six-point pattern, featuring a pin within the recess that will resist standard torx bits. 6 lobe fixings are reusable and suitable for use in areas where maintenance is required. The security torx design enables a higher and more consistent torque level compared to conventional screw heads, whilst also resisting cam-out.

Torx head screws and security fasteners are also known by a wide variety of alternative names including 6 lobe screws, resistorx, tamper proof torx, torx pin, 6-lobe pin torx, and star pin drive.

Tamper proof torx bolts and screws are often chosen for their relatively low cost and wide range of sizes and availability, tamper proof torx fasteners offer a moderate security solution to resist opportunistic tampering.

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