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WC09 Assembled Worktop Connector for 60mm Hole – Type 2

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Assembled Worktop Connector (WC09) for 60mm holes are specially designed to provide an extremely strong connection with an aesthetically-pleasing finish.They comprise of a carriage bolt (din 603) together with two semi-rounded, 60mm plates and a long nut.

Perfectly suited to joining kitchen worktops, the bolt eliminates the need for unsightly surface-mounted joints without sacrificing strength. Simply insert the bolt into 60mm pre-bored holes, pressing the plates against the walls, and tighten the nut to create a high-strength bond hidden from view.

These worktop connector bolts can also be used to assemble staircases and construct a range of furniture – including flat-pack.

60mm worktop connectors in stock

Available from M6 x 65 up to M6 x 200 with either 3mm or 3.5mm thick plates and M6 x 17 nut (10mm a/f).

Other sizes and designs available to order.