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WC10 Assembled Worktop Connector with 40mm Rectangular Metal Plates (Clawed or Non-Clawed)

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Assembled Worktop Connector (WC10) with 40mm Rectangular Metal Plates are available in either clawed (pictured) or non-clawed. This innovative worktop connector consists of a cup square bolt of varying length, two flat rectangular plates either with or without claws and a long nut for tightening the fixing.

This fixing provides a strong and secure connection between panels without the need for unsightly surface-mounted joints. They are perfect for achieving a more aesthetically-pleasing finish with kitchen worktops, but equally suitable for assembling staircases and constructing a wide range of furniture – including flat-pack.

Quick and easy to install – simply insert the bolt into the correct sized holes and tighten the nut to create a durable connection hidden from view.

Connector bolts in stock

Stocked WC10 connector bolts are made from high-quality zinc-plated steel for effective and long-lasting protection from corrosion.

Available from M6 x 65 up to M6 x 200, supplied with an M6 x 17 nut (10mm a/f).

  • Clawed plate versions are available in either 12mm x 4mm x 40mm or 18mm x 4mm x 40mm
  • Non-clawed versions are available in either 18mm x 3mm x 40mm or 18mm x 4mm x 40mm.

Other sizes and designs are available to order.

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