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Brass Hexagon Half Nuts (DIN 439)

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Brass Hexagon Half Nuts, often called Hex Thin Nuts or Flat Nuts, conform to DIN 439 standard or ISO 4035 and feature a reduced height. This is typically half the height of a standard hex nut to fit into spaces with low clearance or insufficient room for a full sized nut.

Designed for use with machine threaded screws and bolts, this component hosts a metric coarse thread and can be used as a Jam Nut – tightened against a full nut to create a locking mechanism and prevent self-loosening.

Compared to Fine Pitch Brass Thin Nuts, they are easier to fasten whilst providing greater durability in the form of increased resistance to cross-threading and galling.

Brass is widely used in decorative applications due to its attractive gold-like finish. It is rust-proof, water resistant and provides good levels of corrosion resistance – ideal for use indoors and outdoors use. Brass Nickel Plated is also available to provide additional corrosion resistance.

Brass Hexagon Half Nuts to DIN 439 are available at Fastenright in thread sizes from M2 to M42 as standard, with both chamfered and unchamfered versions available.

They are available to order in various materials e.g. A2 Stainless Steel, A4 Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Titanium, with a range of finishes also available on request.

Non-standard sizes, materials and finishes available to order as specials – including small volume manufacture, modifications and custom parts made to drawings.Brass Hexagon Half Nuts (DIN 439) Technical Drawing

Technical Data & Available Sizes
Thread Diameter (d) h max. (mm) A/F max. (mm)
M2 1.2 4
M2.5 1.6 5
M3 1.8 5.5
M4 2.2 7
M5 2.7 8
M6 3.2 10
M8 4 13
M10 5 17
M12 6 19
M14 7 22
M16 8 24
M18 9 27
M20 10 30
M22 11 32
M24 12 36
M27 13.5 41
M30 15 46
M33 16.5 50
M36 18 55
M42 21 65
Size not listed? Please contact us – we may be able to provide it.
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