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IN23 Insert Nut for Extremely Hard Materials

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IN23 insert nuts are suitable for use in extremely hard types of materials including wood, plastic and metal. They are hard-wearing inserts with fine external thread that are specially designed to provide heavy-duty screw connections in harder materials such as metals, plastics and thermosetting resins.

The three blind cutting holes remove host material whilst also acting as a reservoir to store swarf during installation preventing any fine chips or curls from dropping into sensitive equipment / components whilst the insert’s tapered bottom allows for easy installation by hand, without the need for specialist tools, making it ideal for a range of home, office and industrial uses.

Once installed, the insert creates an extremely strong screw connection, highly resistant to vibration and high torque pull-out.
Supplied in RoSH-compliant zinc-plated steel as well as stainless steel for corrosion protection.

Available in a range of thread sizes to meet your fastening needs, including M4 to M10 – see product chart below for full specifications. Non standard sizes are available to order.

IN23 insert nut for extremely hard materials technical drawing

IN23 Insert Nut for Hard Wood, Metal and Plastic
D L d Steel hard. blue zinc Steel stainless 1.4305
6.5 x 0.8 6 M 4 Available Available
6.5 x 0.8 8 M 4 Available Available
8 x 1 7 M 5 Available Available
8 x 1 10 M 5 Available Available
10 x 1.25 8 M 6 Available Available
10 x 1.25 12 M 6 Available Available
12 x 1.5 9 M 8 Available Available
12 x 1.5 14 M 8 Available Available
14 x 1.5 10 M 10 Available
14 x 1.5 18 M 10 Available
Available = AVAILABLE