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Philidas® Industrial Nut

A Philidas® Industrial Nut is an all metal locking hexagon nut designed to have a friction grip between the nut and bolt threads.

As the most versatile self-locking nut in the Philidas® range, it is a popular choice for a number of industrial applications including Rail Network maintenance and automotive.

These Philidas® Industrial Locknuts are an all-metal, one-piece nut with a collar hosted above the hexagon. It has two slots in the same plane cut in the collar and the metal about the slots is set to de-pitch the threads.

Suitable for use in high or low temperature conditions and the locking performance is unaffected by oil, petrol and other liquids or vapours. A low prevailing torque can be applied on multiple occasions before it is no longer re-usable.

Available from Fastenright as standard in M5 to M52 in Grade 8 and 10 Steel, with various finishes and A2 and A4 Stainless Steel also available.Philidas Industrial Nut diagram

Technical Data & Available Sizes
Thread Diameter A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
M5 8 6.5 4.3
M6 10 7.5 5
M8 13 8.5 5.7
M10 17 11 8
M12 19 13 9.5
M14 22 15 11
M16 24 17 12.8
M18 27 20 15.5
M20 30 22 17.5
M22 32 23 18
M24 36 25 19.5
M27 41 28 22
M30 46 31 24.5
M33 50 33 26.2
M36 55 36 28.6
M39 60 39 31.1
M42 65 42 33.5
M45 70 45 36
M48 75 48 38
M52 80 52 41.5
Size not listed? Please contact us – we may be able to provide it.

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