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Phillips Pan Thread Rolling Screws (DIN 7500)

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Phillips Pan Thread Rolling screws host a cross or ‘X’ shaped head. The Phillips drive ensures that the tool doesn’t slip out of the recess whilst fixing to the desired material, but is shallow enough that the tool will pop out when the screw is tight enough. This helps to prevent over tightening and damage, prolonging the life of the screw.

They are created to DIN 7500 standard and can be fastened using Phillips Drive bits or Phillips Screwdrivers.

The ‘X’ shape of the bit or screwdriver fits into the similarly shaped screw head and is held in place so that the force of the torque is naturally centred. This provides a self-centring effect that ensures the screw is driven straight.

These screws are typically designed for use with metals, but can be suitable for use with other malleable materials. One advantage with Thread Rolling screws is that they help to avoid loose chips that are often caused by other thread cutting processes.

They can be driven into a pre-drilled hole without the need for thread tapping. However an extruded hole may provide extra length and allow for improved retention.

Phillips Pan Thread Rolling Screws host a three lobe thread design which when inserted into the fastening material, creates it’s own threads, pushing any excess material into the relief areas of the screw. This increases resistance to vibration and reduces the chance of the screw becoming loose.

The pan head provides an aesthetically pleasing, rounded style that complements the fastening material.

Available in Stainless Steel and Steel Zinc Plated as standard from Fastenright, with diameters from M2.5 to M6 and lengths ranging from 6mm to 20mm.

Non-standard sizes, materials and finishes are available to order as specials, including small volume manufacture, modifications and custom parts made to drawings.

Phillips Pan Thread Rolling Screws Technical Drawing

Metric Technical Information & Available Sizes
Thread Diameter M2.5 M3 M3.5 M4 M5 M6
dk (mm) 4.20 5.60 6.90 7.50 8.20 10.80
k (mm) 1.80 2.20 2.60 2.80 3.05 3.95
d1 (mm) 1.40 1.80 2.00 2.30 2.80 3.30
d2 (mm) 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 5.00 6.00
Available Sizes M2.5 M3 M3.5 M4 M5 M6
6mm black icon image
8mm black icon image
10mm black icon image black icon image black icon image black icon image
12mm black icon image
14mm black icon image
16mm black icon image
20mm Stainless steel finish black icon image
Stainless steel finish= Stainless Steel // black icon image = Steel Zinc Plated
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