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Toothed Washers

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Toothed washers can have external or internal teeth, or both, and can be provided as countersunk to order.

A toothed washer with external teeth holds teeth that are twisted to grip and extend radially outwards, to bite into the bearing surface – and is effective as a lock washer when used with soft substrates like aluminium or plastic.

A toothed washer with internal teeth has teeth that extend radially inward to bite into the bearing surface – and the internal serration makes the washer look more aesthetically pleasing.

There is also a countersunk toothed washer, which is designed to be used with countersunk screws in a countersunk hole – assisting with locking in the screw.

Should your application require it, we can also supply a toothed internal external combined washer which has teeth around both edges. The teeth are twisted to grip and extend radially inward and outward for maximum holding power.

Available in a range of sizes and materials, with specials made to order.

Technical Data & Available Sizes

Available In All Finishes: Materials and Finishes List
Metric M2 – M16
BA 7BA – 0BA
Fractional 3/16 – 1″
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