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Tungsten Threaded Rods

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Tungsten Threaded Rods are an incredibly important component within the aerospace industry, as their high density and mechanical strength allows them to reduce the physical size of devices and offering greater control of weight administration in propellers, inertial systems and fluid control systems.

It is the high density of these tungsten parts that allows them to be used in balancing rotating parts. Their high mass allows them to block radiation and show up better on x-rays than lead.

It is unusual in the fact is has a remarkably high melting point at 3420°C – which makes it ideal in some of the hottest furnace environments due to its high-temperature stability.

Tungsten threaded rods are frequently made from tungsten alloys, and host 90% to 97% pure tungsten, alloyed with nickel and copper OR nickel and iron.

Available in Grade 5 and Grade 2 Titanium in sizes ranging from M5 to M12 as standard, but with larger sizes available to order.

Tungsten Threaded Rods
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