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Construction Industry
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Fencing Industry
Ballustrading and Architectural Industries

Construction Industry

Security-AnchorFastenright Ltd supplies various security fasteners to the construction industry, most commonly supplied are our Security Anchors. These security construction fixings are available in both dome and countersunk heads in steel and stainless steel, with sizes ranging from M6 x 45 to M10 x 95 with other diameters and lengths available on request.





Shear-BoltsIn addition to security anchors Fastenright Ltd are also a leading supplier to the construction industry for Security Shear Bolts and Security Shear Nuts. These permanent one way security fixings are ideal for use in applications that do not require maintenance, usually manufactured to order the Security Shear Bolts are manufactured in stainless steel or steel, which can be case hardened to add additional security and protection from chiselling or hacksaw attack.

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Electrical, Lighting & Access Control

M3-5-Raised-Countersunk-Security-ScrewSecurity screws are used widely in the electrical, lighting and access control industry, where most applications are in the public domain and are in easy access to the public. Fastenright Ltd supply many electrical companies with various security screws (Pin TX, 2-Hole, Pin Hex etc) with the most common security screw been the M3.5 Raised Countersunk Security Screw. The M3.5 raised countersunk security screw is used mainly in light switches and access control panels with the most common applications been used in prisons, schools, hospitals, airports, mental health facilities and various other public domains.

Fastenright Ltd stock the M3.5 raised countersunk security screw in lengths ranging from 12mm to 70mm in A2 stainless steel with other sizes available to order.

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Fencing Industry

In the Fencing industry and especially ‘security fencing’, it is essential that the fixings used are a security type to help prevent and deter vandals & trespassers from tampering with the fencing and or entering a restricted area.

Shear-NutsIn most security fencing applications galvanised Shear Nuts are used in combination with saddle bolts, to prevent the removal of the fixing or application. In some applications where security is at a premium, security Shear Bolts are used instead of saddle bolts, making both fasteners 1-way permanent security fixings. Shear nuts are stocked in Steel Zinc Plate, Galvanised Steel and Stainless Steel from M6 – M24 with other sizes available to order and Shear Bolts are generally made to order, although Fastenright Ltd do have stock of certain sizes.
Kinmar-Permanent-NutIn addition to security shear nuts and shear bolts, Fastenright Ltd also stocks a superior alternative in Kinmar® permanent security nuts and Kinmar® permanent security bolts. The Kinmar® product is superior to the shear (breakaway) product as it uses a specially designed tool to tighten. This means that the Kinmar® security products can be tightened up to the desired level and are not restricted or governed by torque like shear products that snap off when a certain torque level is achieved. This advantage is also furthered by the ability to re-tighten the nut should it come loose through vibration or wear


Kinmar-Permanent-BoltThe Kinmar® permanent nuts are available in Steel Zinc Plate, Galvanised Steel and Stainless Steel from M5 – M12 with other sizes available to order. The Kinmar® permanent bolts are stocking in only one size M8 x 40, which is the standard size for bolts within the fencing industry.






Ballustrading & Architectural

Fastenright Ltd has been supplying the Architectural & Balustrade industry for many years with security fasteners and fixings.

Security-Male-FemaleOne of the most popular security fasteners used by architects are security sex bolts, otherwise known as barrel nut & bolt, barrel bolt, Chicago screw, architectural bolts or post and screw. These types of security fixings are mainly used in glass panels or in hollow walls.

They allow multiple sheets (glass, metal, wood etc) to be fastened together, achieving a secure and consistent aesthetic appearance and depending on the drive type can even be used in applications that require a high degree of torque.

Fastenright Ltd currently holds stock of 6-Lobe Pin Tx Sex Bolts ranging from M4 to M10 in a button head, with other drives (2-Hole, Pin Hex & Clutch Head) also available to order in button or countersunk head.4-Hole nuts



4-Hole-NutsIn addition to the security sex bolts other favourable security fasteners advised by architects are the 2-Hole security fasteners and 4-Hole security fasteners. The screws and nuts available in both these security drives are ideal for lower torque applications and while they are primarily a security product they are commonly used in applications where the level of security required is low but a high degree of aesthetics is required.



2-Hole-Large-HeadFor architectural metalwork projects near the coast Fastenright Ltd has supplied various companies with 316 (A4) stainless steel security fasteners, which is essential to reduce the risk of corrosion. These 316 stainless steel security fasteners are generally manufactured to order and individual customer requirements.

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