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Sentinel Countersunk Security Machine Screw

Sentinel Security Screws with Countersunk Head

Countersunk Head Sentinel Screws have a unique head which can only be turned one way, meaning that once they have been securely tightened they are very difficult to remove.

Installed using a standard crosshead or Pozi driver, they are quick to install with both screwdrivers and power drivers and are a popular choice for installers and large volume applications.

The sentinel drive offers medium security resistance against vandals and thieves at a relatively low cost.

It is an adaptation of the original Nettlefolds Pozi Drive, designed to provide a secure and permanent fixing, and can be used in high volume. With high resistance to cam-out, these screws are the preferred choice for applications requiring high volume, labour intensive work.

Available from stock in zinc plate, with a range of sizes and materials to order as specials.

Please contact us with your requirements to further your enquiry.

Thread / Length (mm) 12 16 20 25 30 40

Countersunk Sentinel Security Screw Technical Information

Sentinel countersunk machine screw technical drawing

M4 M5 M6
DK (mm) 7.2 8.9 10.8
K (mm) 2.7 3.0 3.6

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Sentinel Countersunk Security Screws