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A Torx security fastener is designed to enable a higher, more consistent torque level compared to conventional screw heads, whilst also resisting cam out. They are popular due to their relatively low cost and a wide range of sizes and availability.

The design often features grooves in a six-point pattern, in which the recess holds a pin which resists a standard Torx bit.

They are relatively often referred to by a wide range of alternative names, such as 6 Lobe Screws, Resistorx, Tamper Proof Torx, Torx Pin, Star Pin Drive and 6-Lobe Pin Torx.

Holding advantages such as reduced slippage (or cam-out), compared to other drives such as Phillips, better torque than conventional heads and less risk of damage to the drive tip, these security fasteners are useful in preventing vandalism or theft.

Lock it up with a Torx Security Fastener

This range is virtually impossible to remove without a special matching screwdriver or tool – and with us, and many others not willing to provide a screwdriver or tool unless you have purchased a fastener from us in the past – the security level the fastener provides is almost second to none.

Available in a number of forms, such as countersunk, raised countersunk, button, self-drill and self-tapping, we’re sure that there’s a Torx security fastener for whatever the application might be.

In construction, roofing and cladding applications, optional sealing washers are available which aid in the security of the work undertaken.

Some of the fasteners, such as a 6 Lobe Pin Torx Countersunk Self Drill Security Screw, are available in case hardened steel with an anti-corrosion plated finish.

Torx Security Fastener Range from Fastenright

Our wide range of tamper proof torx bolts and screws are popular due to their relatively low cost for what is a moderate security solution against opportunistic tampering.

We stock standard sizes, but we are able to make custom sizes to order and manufacture special products to customer drawings.

If you’d like to find out more about our Torx security fastener range, or would like to place an order, please contact our expert sales team either by phone or submitting an enquiry.

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