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Hex pin screws are often a good alternative to Pin Tx screws. Have you ever had trouble sourcing a Pin TX security screw in the size you require? How about if you are tasked with sourcing a Pin Hex security screw, but the size you require just doesn’t appear to be available? Pin TX and Pin Hex security screws are arguably the most interchangeable security screws available on the market. True, their dimensions vary slightly, but if this is something that will still suit your application then it can mean that you can source the desired size from stock without having to wait for them to be made.

6-lobe-pin-tx-button-security-screwHex pin screws and Pin TX screws

As an example we’ll take a look at the
Pin TX Button Security Machine Screw (shown on the left)
and a similar Hex Pin screw, the
Pin Hex Button Security Machine Screw (shown below right).
If you take a look at each product, you can see they look pretty similar with the main difference obviously being the drive, which does mean you will need to purchase matching bits if you don’t already have them.

In terms of sizes, say you are looking for an M12 Pin TX Button screw. As you can see on the product page, standard Pin TX Buttons only go up to M10. Fortunately, if you look at the Pin Hex Button page, you can see that M12 is available in a number of lengths from stock.


pin-hexAn example of how it can work the other way round is if you are looking for an M8 x 100 Pin Hex Button, this isn’t available off the shelf (with stock lengths only going up to 60mm, with longer lengths available to order). However, as an alternative this size is available in a Pin TX Button, as well as in 75mm and 80mm.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily going to be the case for everything – especially if you are looking at larger diameter sizes above M12, in which case we are happy to manufacture these for you as there is little other option.

We’re often asked to advise customers on the most appropriate screw type and screw size is one of the ways to make the choice, as in most other aspects, Pin Hex and Pin TX screws will effectively do the same job.

See our full range of hex pin security fasteners or see our 6-lobe pin Tx fasteners.

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