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IN01 Insert Nut for Soft Wood

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IN01 Insert Nuts are designed especially for use with soft woods, composite materials, or chipboard. With a short length of just 7-mm they are ideal for all thin walled shaped wood applications. These zinc alloy inserts have a flat head with a diameter of 16mm and they have a standardised internal thread with a stop.

The zinc alloy covering of these short threaded inserts helps to prevent corrosion. The zinc plated inserts have a thread diameter of M5, while the yellow zinc plated inserts have a thread diameter of M6. They are suitable for manual or semi-automated installation using the appropriate size of driver (tool available here). These short, soft wood inserts are precision crafted to a high standard to ensure maximum performance. Once correctly installed they provide a permanent and reliable thread in different materials.

Note: A pilot hole of between 11,0-11,5-mm should be pre-drilled.

Available in a range of sizes – see stock chart below for full specifications. Non standard sizes available to order.

IN01 Insert Nut for Soft Wood technical drawing

D1 L d Pilot Hole Die Cast zinc plated Die Cast yellow zinc plated
16 7 M 5 11.0 – 11.5
16 7 M 6 11.0 – 11.5