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IN14 Knock-In Insert Nut

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IN14 Knock-In Insert Nuts have through internal holes and feature ribs situated beneath the head which prevents twisting of the nut. These ribs also serve to lock the insert firmly in position. The grooves on the shank of this knock-in insert are designed to provide extra security by allowing an additional glue-in process.

They are available steel zinc plated in lengths of 14mm, 16mm and 17mm with standardised internal thread sizes of M6, M8 and M10 respectively. The diameter of these inserts is 9mm and 13mm with the respective head diameters of 14mm, 19mm and 22mm. The zinc coating of these steel knock-in inserts helps to prevent corrosion.

Available in a range of sizes – see stock chart below for full specifications. Non standard sizes available to order.

IN14 knock in insert nut technical drawing

IN14 Knock-In Insert Nut
D1 D L d Steel zinc plated
14 9 14 M 6 Available
19 11 16 M 8 Available
22 13 17 M 10 Available
Available = AVAILABLE