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Headed Cross Dowel Barrel Nut

SKU: FF37 Category:

Headed cross dowel barrel nuts work in a similar way to a regular cross dowel but feature a lipped head that controls the depth. As with standard cross dowels, they feature a slot across the top that helps the installer to align the nut with the bolt.

Ideal for all types of furniture and wooden assemblies, including kitchens, flat-pack furniture and shop equipment providing a strong, rigid fixing, capable of resisting high pull-out forces, when used with matching furniture connector bolts. Made from high-quality steel for durability and zinc plated for corrosion protection.

Available in a range of sizes. Matching furniture connector bolts are also available.
See stock chart below for full specifications:

Standard and Twin Hole Cross Dowels are also available.

Headed Cross Dowels Technical Drawing

M6 12 10 12.5 4.5 prod-tri-black
M6 13 10 12.5 5 prod-tri-redprod-tri-blue
M6 13 10 15 5 prod-tri-redprod-tri-blue
M6 13 10 21 5 prod-tri-redprod-tri-blue
prod-tri-red = Steel Plain
prod-tri-blue = Steel Zinc Plated
prod-tri-black = Yellow Zinc Plated