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You’re likely to think that a hinge is just a hinge – but that’s not the case. There are a wide range of hinges available, and making sure you’ve made the right choice is imperative in ensuring that you’re not wasting your time.

A secure door needs a good hinge, offering the best support possible.

Butt Hinges are known for their ability to sustain heavy weights, provide durability and prevent loose hanging or wonky fits. They are available in a number of materials and finishes to suit your interior style and improve qualities like strength.

Backflap Hinges are ideal for situations where there is not enough timber for a butt hinge to fit, as the backflap hosts extended flaps which allow for extra fixings.

Tee Hinges are often used within commercial or industrial settings as they effectively distribute the weight of a door more evenly and reduce the burden placed on the hinges themselves.

Strap Hinges host two long flaps which are generally triangular in shape, with one of the straps screwed into the surface of a moving part and the other into a stationary surface. Typically, they are used as door hinges on barns, sheds or garages, and are meant to be seen on things like gates or cabinets.

Reversible Hinges are designed for convenience, with the reversible hinge allowing gates to be open both with a push or a pull action.

We are able to provide the aforementioned, as well as many more styles of hinge, in a range of finishes for your aesthetic and practical needs.

If you require more information or would like to further your enquiry by sending us your requirements, please contact us.

Available Hinges
Butts, Backflaps, etc Tees, Straps, etc Reversible, etc
BackFlap Hinges Chest Hinges Hooks and Bands
BackFlap Hinges for Pivot Windows Strap Hinges Light Straight Reversible Hinges Light
Brass Butt Hinges Strap Hinges Light Bent Reversible Hinges Heavy
Broad Butt Hinges Strap Hinges Weighty Cellar Flap Hinges
Loose Pin Broad Butt Hinges Tee Hinges Light Field Gate Hinge Sets
Continuous Hinge Tee Hinges Medium
Double Flap Butt Hinges Extra Strong Tee Hinges Strong
Easy Clean Hinges Tee Hinges Weighty
Falling Butt Hinges
Flush Hinges
Lift-off Hinges
Light Narrow Butt Hinges
Narrow Butt Hinges Loose Pin
Light Butt Hinges
Parliament Hinges
Rising Butt Hinges
Slotted Hinge
Storm Proof Hinge EJMA
Storm Proof Hinge – Wide Gap
Storm Proof Hinge – 4″ Heavy Pattern
Strong Butt Hinges
Loose Pin Strong Butt Hinge
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