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A range of butts, backflaps, tees, straps and reversible hinges ideal for furniture use.

Butts, Backflaps, etc Tees, straps,etc Reversible, etc
BackFlap Hinges Chest hinges Hooks and bands
BackFlap Hinges for Pivot Windows Strap hinges light straight Reversible hinges light
Brass Butt Hinges Strap hinges light bent Reversible hinges heavy
Broad Butt Hinges Strap hinges weighty Cellar flap hinges
Loose Pin Broad Butt Hinges Tee hinges light Field gate hinge sets
Continuous Hinge Tee hinges medium
Double flap butt hinges extra strong Tee hinges strong
Easy Clean Hinges Tee hinges weighty
Falling Butt Hinges
Flush Hinges
Lift-off hinges
Light Narrow butt hinges
Narrow butt hinges loose pin
Light butt hinges
Parliament hinges
Rising butt hinges
Slotted hinge
Storm proof hinge EJMA
Storm proof hinge – wide gap
Storm proof hinge – 4″ heavy pattern
Strong butt hinges
Loose Pin Strong Butt Hinge