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Micro Internal Lock Washer DIN 6798J

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Micro Internal Lock Washers are created to DIN standard 6798J.

They are also known as ‘toothed lock washers’.

These washers have teeth or serrations on the inner face of the washer that bite into the surface that it is used on. However, it does not provide as much holding power as a similar external locking washer.

Toothed lock washers are most effective when used on softer materials such as aluminium or plastic.

Available as standard in A2 stainless steel and spring steel with some sizes also available in A4 stainless steel. Diameters range from M2 to M3.

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Micro internal lock washer din 6798J

Micro Internal Lock Washer Din 6798J Available Sizes & Materials
D1 D2(mm) S(mm) Material
M2 Internal Lock Washer Din 6798J 4.5 0.3 Spring Steel / Stainless Steel
M2.5 Internal Lock Washer Din 6798J 5.5 0.4 Spring Steel / Stainless Steel
M3 Internal Lock Washer Din 6798J 6.0 0.4 Spring Steel / Stainless Stee