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Micro Slotted Rsd Csk Din 964A

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Micro slotted raised countersunk machine screws Din 964A are available from stock in mild steel grade 4.6, A2 stainless steel, A4 stainless steel and brass. Other materials to order, including aluminium and titanium.

Sizes from M2 to M3 with larger diameters also available in various material,s including the popular M3.5 diameter for electrical sockets and switches.
Micro slotted Rsd Csk din 964A

Micro Slotted Raised Countersunk Screw – Din 964A
D1 M2 M2.5 M3
D2(mm) 3.80 4.70
K(mm) 1.20
1.50 1.65
T(mm) 0.80
1.00 1.20
N 0.50
PITCH 0.40 0.45 0.50
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Micro slotted raised countersunk machine screws to Din 964A have a single slot in the head and are installed using a standard flat blade screwdriver. we advise against using a power driver with a slotted drive as the driver tends to slip out and can cause damage to the surface it is being applied to.

Available in size from M2 to M3, these screws have a slightly domed head in addition to the countersunk and are commonly used on electrical sockets and switches (usually M3.5 diameter).