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Number Plate Security Screws

Number Plate Security Screws – Helping to Prevent License Plate Theft

Theft of vehicle number plates is a real issue both within the UK and globally, with figures suggesting a car license plate is stolen every 15 minutes in the UK alone.

According to an article in The Telegraph, based on research from the RAC over 20,000 number plates are stolen each year. Reasons for number plate theft range from fuel theft to using cars with stolen plates in other crimes.

The consequences for victims of this crime can be severe. In the eyes of the law the number plate is registered to the victim, therefore the victim must prove that they have not committed the offence(s) they are accused of.

To avoid fines and the inevitable stress of trying to prove your innocence, many people are choosing to simply change their existing license plate screws to Number Plate Security Screws (No.8 x ¾ Clutch Head Security Screws in A2 Stainless Steel).

The number plate security screws we supply are used as a direct replacement for existing standard screws, with the coloured cover caps also available. They are one way permanent fixings, meaning once the screws are secured they cannot be removed without drilling them out or ripping the number plate off, which renders the plate completely useless to criminals.

License plate security screws are installed with a standard flat blade screwdriver. The unique design of the number plate security screw means that the screwdriver will simply slip off if you try to remove it, as the drive has a unique curved gradient to it.

Fastenright have already supplied number plate security screws to many police forces, including Bedfordshire Police, Bootle Police, Corby Police, Dubai Police, Merseyside Police and Newport Police. As we do not supply to the general public, please contact your local police force for information on how to protect your vehicle.

For commercial enquiries for number plate security screws, please use the “make an enquiry” button above.

Number Plate Security Screws Technical Drawing

dk (mm) k (mm) L (mm)
7.6 2.9 19

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