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5 Lobe Pin TX CSK Self Tapping Security Screws

Tamper resistant Pin TORX Plus® countersunk security screws

  • Pin torx security screws offer higher security
  • Vandal resistant 2 way re-usable premium security screw with patented 5-lobe pin drive
  • Tamper proof – re-usable security fixing
  • Requires special insert bit that is registered and restricted for controlled availability
  • Usable for higher torque applications

The unique 5-lobe torx head requires a special driver bit for insertion, which is registered to restrict and control availability, making this an effective tamper proof fixing. The screws are very difficult to loosen without the tool. This security screw is an upgrade from its predecessor (6-Lobe TX Security Screw) providing a higher degree of security as the design is patented and the driver bits are limited to Torx plus distributors.

Available in zinc or stainless steel and self tappers (machine screw subject to min order)

Note: Special fasteners can be made to order with TORX plus® Security depending on min order and requirements.

Gauge / Length (mm) 1/2″ (13) 5/8″ (16) 3/4″ (19) 1″ (25) 1 1/4″ (32) 1 1/2″ (38)
No.6 (3.5mm)
No.8 (4.2mm)
No.10 (4.8mm)
No.12 (5.5mm)
No.14 (6.3mm)

Pin Torx Plus countersunk self tapper technical drawing

No.6 No.8 No.10 No.12 No.14
DK (mm) 6.6 7.9 9.3 10.6 12.4
K (mm) 2.1 2.5 3.0 3.4 3.8

*For guidance purposes only