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Pin Torx®

Pin Torx® security screws have a distinctive head design with a recessed Torx drive surrounded by a raised pin in the center.  Also referred to as star pin drive. The pin prevents standard Torx drivers from engaging with the screw, requiring a special tamper-resistant tool with a hollowed-out tip to fit over the pin and engage with the Torx drive.

The presence of the central pin provides an added layer of security, deterring tampering and unauthorised removal. This makes them suitable for applications where preventing vandalism, theft, or secure access is crucial.

  •  2-way reusable fixing
  • Normally 6 lobed, also available in 5 or 7 lobes for enhanced security
  • Reduced slippage suitable for higher torque applications
  • Available as machine screws and self-tapping screws

Pin Torx security screws find applications in a wide range of security-sensitive environments, including public infrastructure, electronics, machinery, automotive, and consumer products. They are commonly used to secure access panels, covers, signage, license plates, and other components where tamper resistance is required.

Available in various sizes, lengths, and materials to suit different applications. They can be supplied in a range of materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloy steel, providing options for corrosion resistance and strength.

Installing and removing Torx head security screws require the use of a special tamper-resistant tool with a hollowed-out tip that fits over the pin and engages with the Torx drive. Screws can be customized with unique drive configurations or proprietary designs to further enhance security and prevent unauthorized removal.

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