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2-Hole Truss Head Self Tapping Security Screw

2 Hole Truss Head Security Self Tapping Screws

Tamper Resistant, reusable 2 Hole Truss Head self tapping screws have a wider head diameter than the pan head version, which helps to distribute the load across a wider area.
The low profile domed shape also makes them difficult to remove without a tool.

  • Truss head screws with low / medium security resistance
  • Self tapping tamper proof pig-nose screws
  • Reusable 2-way drive
  • Usable for lower torque applications

Tamper tesistant 2-Hole truss head security screw are supplied in A2 Stainless Steel

Gauge / Length (mm) 3/8″ (9.5) 1/2″ (13) 3/4″ (19) 1″ (25) 1 1/4″ (32) 1 1/2″ (38) 2″ (50)
No.8 (4.2mm) marker-image marker-image marker-image marker-image marker-image marker-image
No.10 (4.8mm) marker-image marker-image marker-image marker-image marker-image marker-image

2-Hole Truss Head Security Screws – description

This security screw has 2 holes drilled into the head which has led to them also being known as Pig Nose or Snake Eye screws. These screws require a special insert bit to insert and remove. Please note that these two holes can be drilled at different distances (between centres), therefore it is always advisable to purchase the corresponding bits from the same supplier as the screws.

Suitable for low to medium torque applications, these reusable fixings have a low profile domed head and are difficult to remove without the special tool. A ideal security fastener for applications where maintenance is required, the two pin drive is designed to offer some security and also to maintain the aesthetics of the application it is being used with – it may be more prone to cam-out than other security screws such as Pin Hex security screws.  Users should also be aware that when tightening the screw the drive bits are prone to bending or breaking after prolonged use and should plan to purchase additional drive bits as backup.

Suitable for use in areas where aesthetics is more important than the security, such as trains or in public lifts.

For more information and technical data, please call our sales team.

Note: Special 2 Hole Security Screws can be made to order including small volume manufacture, modifications and custom parts to drawings.

2 Hole raised countersunk self tapper technical drawing

No.8 No.10
DK (mm) 9.5 10.5
K (mm) 2.2 2.75
TOOL SIZE No.8 No.10

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