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6 Lobe Pin TX Countersunk Self Drill Security Screw

6 Lobe Pin TX Countersunk Self Drill Security Screws

6 Lobe Pin TX Countersunk Self Drill Security Screws host a solid dowel in their drive, making the screw tamper-resistant and therefore reducing the risk of vandals or intruders tampering with or undoing the screws.

With better torque when compared to conventional screw heads, this anti-tamper screw is suitable for medium torque applications and is a two-way reusable security fixing allowing for removal and installation should maintenance be required.

Available in case hardened steel and with a anti-corrosion plated finish, these security screws offer medium security resistance against vandals and thieves at a relatively low cost.

Compared with other drives like Phillips or 2-Hole, there is reduced slippage or cam-out which reduces the risk of damage to the drive tip, screw head or application – making it more cost-effective to install and remove.

Optional sealing washers are available, ideal for use in construction, roofing and cladding applications.

They can be used alongside TX Barel Nuts, Security Wave Nuts, Shear Nuts, Kinmar Reusable Nuts, Kinmar Permanent Nuts, 4-Hole Nuts and more for added security. 6 Lobe Pin TX Countersunk Self Drill Securit Screws can also be referred to by other names, including Star Pin Drive, Tamper Torx ®, Torx® Pin, Resistorx® and 6 Lobe Pin.

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6 lobe pin tx countersunk self drill security screw technical drawing

6 Lobe Pin TX Countersunk Self Drill Security Screw
Gauge No.8 (4.2mm) No. 10 (4.8mm) No. 12 (5.4mm) No. 14 (6.5mm)
DK (mm) 7.9
10.6 13.5
K (mm) 3.0 3.2
3.7 4.1
Tool Size TX20 TX25
TX27 TX27
Available Sizes (mm) No.8 (4.2mm) No. 10 (4.8mm) No. 12 (5.4mm) No. 14 (6.5mm)
1/2″ (13) marker-image
3/4″ (19) marker-image marker-image
1″ (25) marker-image marker-image marker-image marker-image
1 1/4″ (32)
1 1/2″ (38) marker-image marker-image marker-image marker-image
2″ (50) marker-image marker-image marker-image marker-image


6 Lobe Pin Torx Countersunk Self Drilling Security Screw