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7 Lobe Pin TX Drill Bit

1/4″ Hex Bit to suit 7-Lobe Pin TX Security Screws ranging from M4 to M8

This 7-Lobe Pin TX Drill Bit is for use alongside 7-Lobe Pin Button Security Screws.

The 7-Lobed TX Head required this special driver bit to be inserted to fasten and remove the screw. They are registered to restrict and control availability.

As a tamper-proof screw, the screw and bit reduce the risk of vandals or intruders tampering or undoing screw, and they provide an upgrade to the 6-Lobe TX Security Scew by providing a higher level of security – with the driver bits limited to the distributors of the screw.

Available in sizes M4 to M8 – please ensure that the screw matches.

Please contact us with your requirements to further your enquiry.

Size 7TX1 7TX2 7TX3 7TX4

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