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7 Lobe Pin Button Security Screws

A vandal resistant 7-Lobe Pin Security Screw, hosting a unique 7-Lobed TX Head that requires a special driver bit for insertion. This bit is registered to restrict and control availability.

With unique features, the 7-Lobe Pin Security Screw is tamper proof, reducing the risk of vandals or intruders tampering with or undoing the screws.

The design is suitable for higher torque applications and is a two way re-usable fixing.

Considered an upgrade from its predecessor, the 6-Lobe TX Security Screw, this 7-Lobe screw provides a higher degree of security as the driver bits are limited solely to distributors of the screw.

  • Enhanced security
  • Limited distribution
  • Restriction of supply of driver bits

Available from Fastenright as standard in A2 Stainless Steel, in sizes ranging from M4 to M8 and lengths from 6mm to 40mm.

Non-standard sizes and materials are available to order as specials, including custom parts made to drawings.7 Lobe Pin Button Security Screws Technical Drawing

Metric Technical Information & Available Sizes
Thread Diameter M4 M5 M6 M8
dk (mm) 7.6 9.5 10.5 14.0
k (mm) 2.2 2.75 3.3 4.4
Tool Size 7TX1 7TX2 7TX3 7TX4
Available Sizes M4 M5 M6 M8
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Size not listed? Please make an enquiry – we may be able to provide it.

7 Lobe Pin Torx Button Security Screw